Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creating Presentation on Collaboration

A few days ago, I was accepted to present at this year's ATEQ's Springboards conference. Considering I'm presenting on collaboration, I thought it would be pretty hypocritical not to practice what I preach. So, I had the idea of writing an outline for my presentation online and having anyone come in and add or edit any material. The idea was inspired by a radio host I listen to. He, Jesse Brown, did something similar with a speech he gave. I used wikispaces and you can find and edit it at
Despite a lifetime of being shocked and amazed by technology, I was skeptical that the wiki would yeild any good advice. Needless to say, I am once again shocked and amazed. Within hours, my barebones outline swelled with a wealth of information from brilliant minds all over the continent. Particular thanks goes to Thomas Daccord.
The biggest lesson I've learned about this is not neccesarily about technology but about human nature. People have a natural instinct to share, to help, and to teach. The Internet, as we know it, is simply creating a means in which people can help more people, more easily, more frequently, and more effectively. It is a good time to be an educator.
I love the world we live in and all the possibilities that await us.

Again, please explore and edit the presentation on using technology to collaborate in the classroom:
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