Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beyond Survival: A Technology-Infused Novel Study Unit

The following links are a part of a presentation that I put together for the LCEEQ conference. For those who attended the presentation, I have typed up all the work done in the workshop and posted it as a word document.

Novels are an exciting way to capture a student's attention and to develop their reading ability. "Beyond Survival" explores the transformation of a novel study unit based on Gary Paulsen's Hatchet into an engaging, technology-infused unit about survival. The goal of the presentation is to demonstrate how teachers can shift the student's reading role from passive observer to engaged participant. The presentation will highlight a number of technology tools that teachers can use to get their students to engage with a novel.

Group Work

General Resources

Survival Videos

Survival Game
Link for scenario used in presentation


  1. Thanks so much! My brother is just researching on a similar subject, could we use some of your technologies material for our paper? Is it originally yours? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the comment "sap support costs". You're welcome to use anything of mine for education. It's all original except the survival scenario and the quiz questions. Let me know if I can be anymore help.