Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Text on the Horizon

I love reading Wired magazine. It's a technology magazine that is continually looking forward. I'll admit that it's pretty geeky and not for everyone. However, I believe that Wired magazine's iPad edition is of interest to all English language arts teachers.

In April 2010, Conde Nast, Wired's publisher, launched a tablet edition of the magazine. Ever since, Wired has been published in digital form every month. Each issue pushes the reader's understanding of a magazine a little further. Check this link from Wired explaining the magazine edition for the iPad.

As a shift occurs from print media to digital media, there will be an integration of interaction, audio/visual, and personalization in traditionally literary based texts. As educators, we need to be aware of these trends and understand how we can help students navigate these new texts.

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